Many books have been written on climbing Mt Everest. About the extensive preparation, the possibility of danger and the euphoria of completing such an awesome task. For those mountaineers who have made the commitment to climb, the real challenges aren’t necessarily physical, but the unpredictable weather and the actions of other climbers during the critical parts of the climb. On the mountain, being reliant on others can sometimes cost you your life. For many businesses and organizations, the last eight weeks of walking through the unknown have felt somewhat similar. Though running a business may not seem life-threatening to most people, a small business owner or small non-profit relies on funding as a human relies on his body. As climbers rely on each other, employers and employees have had to do the same. Many core workers who have continued to work for the sake of the business now find to do so could compromise their family. As we all move forward in confidence and appreciation the PPP gave us, we should not forget the lessons we have learned, the priorities we have adopted and the importance of the people that matter in our lives. I know I have…how about you? (LinkedIn posted June 18, 2020)