If you’re like me, you are starting to get inundated with emails and posts regarding PPP forgiveness. I would encourage you to go back to your network of professionals that were successful at obtaining PPP in the first place. Being that I’ve worked with a strong network of professionals for most of my career, I’m big on having a “spoke and wheel” approach. I have always made sure that my client is surrounded by the some of the best bankers, payroll processors, WC insurers and legal professionals. In addition, my federal, state and town contacts also make my life much easier each year which in turn benefits my small business owners. It was the middle of tax season when the pandemic hit. My clients were so appreciative of my network’s response to the call to get the funding needed to survive this storm. As you go through the remaining weeks on the PPP, reconnect to your network of professionals to make sure you have the best information possible to avoid any confusion with the forgiveness of the loan. If you found yourself alone through the initial PPP process, make a move to find your own spoke and wheel network. Your business is going to need support for several months to come so you need to be ready. (LinkedIn posted June 6, 2020)