I constantly remind my clients (and family) that I’m a logical thinker. My motto being “Say what you mean and mean what you say.” Lately, when I started seeing the word “Leadership” being used in posts and headlines, I thought it would be interesting to see how our culture defines the word. I was fascinated how drastically the word had changed from August 2017 to April 2020. Words like adaptable, empathetic, prepared, resilient, transparent and trustworthy four years ago were now replaced with reliable, engaging and bounded optimism. When did business leadership become replaced with cheerleader-ship? Leading in a crisis such as COVID-19 is difficult. It’s “hard”. Sometimes you’re all alone, surrounded by hostility (not from your competitors but your own pack). Good business owners will surround themselves with strong, honest council. They will ask hard questions and demand truthful answers. Good leaders may have to admit their mistakes and own a bad decision. But in the end, these leaders will make it through this time with sound character and great resolve even if their businesses don’t. (LinkedIn posted May 28, 2020)