Even though I’ve been a spreadsheet user for many years, I recently felt it would be beneficial to sharpen my use of pivot tables in order to help clients make critical management decisions based on the data they collect. Many think the word ”pivot” is over-used in the past and in some ways that may be true. Pivoting in sports allows you to go forward (or backwards) during critical plays and win a competition or championship. But if you think in terms of business during the COVID-19 Crisis (specifically when speaking of the use of PPP funds), the word seems to take on a different meaning. Pivoting usually occurs when a business owner has to make an immediate, significant change in their business when determining that their products or services aren’t meeting the needs of their customer. Since businesses or now “opening up” around the country, reactions may include how your customer adapts to your “social-distancing” policies or even attitudes of other customers being served. Smart business owners won’t leave this up to chance knowing it could have an adverse effect on their business. They will post clear instructions for their customers well-being and if (or when issues come up); address them immediately. (LinkedIn posted May 18, 2020)