When disaster strikes, it’s not unusual for solid foundations to shift or even break, for processes and procedures to be altered and in some cases totally overhauled. Haven’t we already seen how the COVID-19 Crisis has created similar disruptions? Who hasn’t read the online posts on working from home versus the office or the difficulties of running a department or small business while filling in as an inexperienced part-time teacher throughout the day? As the economy starts to ‘open up’, business owners will have to make big decisions on how they want to proceed. Will they try to return to the Pre-COVID-19 way of doing things or take a change in direction and follow a new Post-COVID-19 route? Will they take an approach that allows options in where employees work, what business days or hours will be offered or other currently accepted practices? Will they make this decision for the sake of preserving their A team, the overall office moral, or in some cases, a more favorable bottom line? I believe industry leaders will find a better way to do business and use this as an opportunity to redefine their legacy.  (LinkedIn posted May 11,2020)