Generation Prime through the years

Generation Prime moves into the digital age and incorporates how the Digital Mindset and Generational Cultures affect the Small Business and Non-profit organization workplace.

Generation Prime continues to be a presence in the community through sponsorship and volunteerism.

In pursuing Reese's legacy to help generations no matter how different to rise above their own challenge, Generation Prime takes action in the community and serves on the Connecticut Committee for the ABLE Act.

Reese's favorite character from his book "What's so Special about Joey Speckles" becomes the official GP mascot. Generation Prime also develops a Financial Literacy program to help individuals of any age become financially responsible and independent. Generation Prime loves becoming a staple in the community.

Late January 2013 devastates all of us who knew Reese as he unexpectedly passes away.

In continuing Reese's legacy Generation Prime moves towards assisting you adults with Asperger's Syndrome to become independent. In addition, Generation Prime becomes a Non-profit with a presence in the local community through sponsorships and volunteerism. We miss you Reese. 

Reese's creative gift continues when he creates and illustrates many book apps including "Crawleywood" and our favorite "Joey Speckles". He also releases his I-tunes App "What's so Special about Joey Speckles?". 

However, this period wasn't without it's challenges as Reese undergoes another heart surgery for his Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS).  In continuing Reese's legacy of encouraging and supporting people with differences check out and don't forget to show                                 your support and grab some Joey gear. 

Reese Blackburn was born in April, 1991 with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). He also was diagnosed with Asperger at an early age. Reese struggled through his life both socially and educationally however, he didn't let these challenges hinder his creative process. 

Upon  graduating from high school, Reese obtained a job, moved into his own apartment and created Generation Prime LLC as a technology development business. Reese definitely lived by his philosophy                                       of  being independent despite his disabilities.