When I hear the term “Digital Mindset”, I think more of the reason technology was invented in the first place; wasn’t it to make life easier? Somewhere along the way, we lost the humanity aspect of interpreting data that the technology provides? I mean, doesn’t profitability lose its power if the company is debt-ridden or financial spending is out of control? What good is financial software if the profit and loss reports that are generated aren’t understood (or valued), or more importantly, the Balance Sheet that reveals the true ownership of the business isn’t reviewed at all. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, some of the most successful business owners struggled on something as simple as “cash inflow” vs “cash outflow”. The purpose of having a digital mindset is to see the importance of gathering valuable, pertinent data to create findings that can be interpreted in a way to further the success of an organization whether it be for profit or not. (LinkedIn posted July 14, 2020)